Press Mentions

  • Women on Boards 2020: Empowering Women in Business to Aim Higher

    LinkedIn March 8, 2019

    By encouraging women to reach out and grab the opportunities they want, to walk into the meeting and sit confidently among men, and to take pride in their experience and skill, Women on Boards 2020 is serving that invaluable role of mentor to a number of professional women that no one mentor could possibly reach. In doing so, it’s my hope that women will feel empowered to pursue the roles they want, and to enter them with as much confidence and poise as anyone.

  • Action Items Minisodes: Gender Diversity and Boards of Directors

    Comstock's Magazine March 7, 2019

    Erica Dias is senior vice president and director of marketing and community engagement for American River Bank. She is also the Sacramento chair for the 2020 Women on Boards national campaign.

  • Amazon Proves It - Good Women Directors Are Not Hard To Find

    Forbes February 26, 2019

    State your objective to improve the business and governance by adding women to your board. An all-male board is what 2020 Women on Boards calls a “zero.”

  • Why Companies Need To Advocate For Their Female Executives To Join Boards

    Forbes February 12, 2019

    According to 2020 Women on Boards, of the 2835 active R3000 companies, in 2018 women held 17.7% of the board seats, an increase from 16.0% in 2017 when there were 2871 active companies. In 2018, the percentage of women in the largest R100 companies is 25.3%; in the smaller R2001- 3000 companies it’s 13.0%, reflecting that smaller companies are less diverse.

  • Unum, First Tennessee selected for Gender Equality index

    Times Free Press January 17, 2019

    Unum has a Women's Professional Network employee resource group and the insurer has been recognized previously by the Women's Forum of New York and the 2020 Women on Boards organization for female representation on the corporate board.

  • New Jersey Follows California in Measure to Add Women to Boards”

    Bloomberg December 21, 2018

    As of today, 42 percent of New Jersey companies would have to change the composition of their boards, allocating as many as 132 seats to women, according to estimates by advocacy organization 2020 Women on Boards.

  • Progress slow in adding women in the boardrooms

    Newsday December 20, 2018

    A 2018 study by another advocacy group, Los Angeles-based 2020 Women on Boards, found that 25.3 percent of the director seats on the 100 largest companies by stock market value in the broadly based Russell 3000 index were held by women. By contrast, among the smallest third of companies in the Russell 3000 index, only 13 percent of board seats were held by women.

  • Get Ready, Board Rooms: Meet 20 Female Execs Primed for a Seat at the Table

    The Hollywood Reporter December 6, 2018

    By now, few people would argue (at least publicly) against putting more women on corporate boards, whether the impetus is shareholder pressure, studies that cite higher earnings for companies with gender-inclusive leadership or, now, a legal mandate. In September, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 826, which requires any publicly traded corporation based in the state to have at least one woman on its board of directors by the end of 2019. That means nearly 100 firms that currently don't — about a quarter of the state's public corporations — have a year to find a female director, or face a $100,000 fine (no media companies on the 2020 Women on Boards' Gender Diversity Index are in danger of violation). By the time the law is fully implemented in 2021, women should occupy 400 to 500 seats statewide.
    But the demand outnumbers the female chairmen and CEOs with whom board searches typically begin — and end. Only 5.1 percent (151 companies) of firms on the Russell 3000 stock index have female CEOs, while just 24 women lead an S&P 500 corporation. "All those women are boarded up," says Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire, CEO of executive search firm Berkhemer Clayton and nonprofit 2020 Women on Boards, who testified in Sacramento six times this year on behalf of SB 826's passage.

  • Can California’s new boardroom diversity law withstand courtroom backlash? Women say ‘bring it on’

    CALmatters November 26, 2018

    Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire, a Los Angeles executive recruiter and board member of the California chapter of the National Assn. of Women Business Owners, which lobbied extensively for the measure, said she suspected that any legal challenge would come from CalChamber, “even though … I’ve told them it would be embarrassing.”

    She has many tales from the trenches. One client, under pressure to seek a woman for his corporate board, said: “Find me a woman who doesn’t talk too much.”

    Berkhemer-Credaire recently became chief executive of 2020 Women on Boards, a nonprofit group founded in 2010 to address the slow progress toward increasing the number of women on corporate boards. She said she would embrace a legal brouhaha that could help to spell the end for a corporate system that excludes women from the top tiers. She has heard from other states, including New York and Massachusetts, that are watching as California sets the pace.

    “I welcome the additional publicity,” she said. “I relish the fact that this will keep the issue in the national headlines. I hope they do file a lawsuit. Bring it on.”

  • 2020 Women on Boards/Sacramento Campaign Committee

    Comstock November 26, 2018

    The 2020 Women on Boards/Sacramento Campaign Committee held the 2018 National Conversation on Board Diversity – Sacramento on Nov. 15 at the Sutter Club downtown. The keynote luncheon panel was introduced by Comstock’s Editor in Chief Allison Joy and Clayton Blakley, VP/business development. 2020 Women on Boards is a national campaign to increase the percentage of women on U.S. company boards to 20 percent or greater by the year 2020.

  • 2020 Women on Boards Chicago Chapter Hosted an Incredible 7th Annual National Conversation on Board Diversity November 21, 2018

    The Chicago Campaign of 2020 Women on Boards, a national campaign to increase the percentage of women on US company boards to at least 20% by the year 2020, brought together a powerful group of speakers to address how we collaborate with public companies in Chicagoland to help them increase the number of women on their board.

    November 15th saw over 250 attendees at the 7th Annual National Conversation on Board Diversity in Chicago. While nationally in 2018, women hold 17.7% of the board seats of Russell 3000 companies that now comprise the Gender Diversity Index (GDI); Illinois sits at 19.3%. To foster the important conversation of diversity on boards, the Chicago Campaign of 2020 Women on Boards has curated a program that allows for knowledge sharing among attendees.

    This year’s conversation on board diversity included awarding Ilene Gordon, Board member: International Paper (NYSE), Lockheed Martin (NYSE), and the first female director for 5 different public companies with the Chicago Chapter’s First Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Other noted awardees included Abbott (NYSE) accepted by Board Director Sally Blount, who is the Michael L. Nemmers chair in Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where she served as dean for the past eight years; Ariel Investments (Private) accepted by CEO & Founder John Rogers, Jr; CDW (NASDAQ) accepted by CDW Board Director Donna Zarcone, who is the CEO of The Economic Club; and Federal Signal (NYSE) accepted by CEO Jennifer Sherman.

    The evening was ended with data being shared from the 2020 Women on Boards Chicago Campaign Co-Chair Hajara Al Amodi sharing statistics on 2020 WOB Latest Research that can be found at, and a great share of major insights from Rodrigo Garcia, Chief Investment Officer, Illinois State Treasury and a Board Director with the Thirty Percent Coalition.

    The attendees included more than 40 corporate board directors across a broad spectrum of industries including technology, medical devices, energy, consumer packaged goods, retail and more to share “What is most important for corporate board directors to know?” The Mid America Club of Chicago served as the host location for the event.

    This National Conversation on Board Diversity is a signature annual event that takes place on the same day in cities across the country. Over the last six years, the event was held in 37 cities (four international) with more than 8,500 people attending and thousands more participating on social media.

  • Three Members of AEP Board of Directors Recognized by Women Inc.

    Market Watch November 20, 2018

    AEP also recently was named a 2020 Women on Boards Winning Company for having 20 percent or more board seats held by women. AEP is a member of the Paradigm for Parity, a coalition of employers committed to promoting gender parity, and a signatory of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge.