Emails we love to receive ...

Good Morning,

I am the office manager for the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra, located in Beloit and Janesville, Wisconsin.  One of our board members saw an article in the Janesville Messenger, (Janesville, Wisconsin), in which Alliant Energy was recognized for having a Board of Directors consisting of 44 percent women.

The Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra has a Board of Directors which consists of 10 men and 12 women.  We would love to know more about your organization and how we can achieve the same recognition.  Is there paperwork we can do for you to initiate a review of our organization? Please contact me and let me know how we can establish an affiliation with your campaign to recognize women's contribution to Boards of Directors!


We love to get emails like this because it tells us that our outreach is working. Companies like being recognized for their diversity policies; and people are responding to the message. We've heard from a number of companies over the past week thanking us for the recognition. If you've noticed an article about a 2020 W company in your local newspaper, please let us know.

As for the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra, it's a nonprofit and so it can't be included in our database. But kudos to them for their board diversity and strong governance practices. If you're ever traveling through Janesville, we hope you'll support the orchestra.