IPOs Getting on the Diversity Bandwagon?

Last week it was Box Inc. and this week Shake Shack. Both companies launched IPOs with women on their boards. Box, the newest in file sharing platforms, went public as a Winning 'W' Company, with two of its ten directors women. Shake Shack, the hip, roadside burger joint coming to all neighborhoods soon, went public with just one woman on its board. It’s a 2020 Token 'T' Company.
We're happy to see companies take our advice (Needed: IPO Checklist that Includes Women) by putting their board in order before they go public, and not scramble to do the right thing after their IPO. But, we want our burgers and eat them too. So don’t stop now, Shake Shack. Put another woman on your board and join the ranks of Winning 'W' Companies. Your stakeholders will thank you!