The Mid-Year Report: When Women Lead

In our mid-year report, Boardroom Diversity: When Women Lead, we looked at the status of women on the boards of Fortune 1000 companies led by women. Not surprisingly, boards with female CEOs, Board Chairs and Nominating Chairs are significantly more gender diverse than boards with male leadership.

Compared to their male counterparts, women CEOs, Board Chairs and Nominating Chairs are much more likely to oversee gender diverse boards, exceeding the national average of 17.9 percent. Female CEOs, Board Chairs, and Nominating Chairs have an average of 30.0%, 27.7%, and 23.1% women on their boards, respectively, while men in these positions trail at 17.3%, 17.6% and 17.2% women.

Admittedly, far fewer companies in the Fortune 1000 are led by women: 49 companies have women CEOs, 37 have female Board Chairs and 158 have female Nominating Chairs. But the writing is on the wall: want to see diverse boards? Put a woman in charge!