Think Big

When we had the idea to commemorate 12/12/12 with a national conversation on board diversity there was only one thing to do, jump in with both feet. Our 1 1/2 year old campaign was doing well, but it was hardly the national phenomenon we know it will become. Our outreach strategy, forming 2020 Chapters in cities across the US, had not yet been realized. How to pull off a national event without budget or infrastructure? Think big.
We had organized the first 2020 Chapter in New Orleans early in the campaign. In 2012 we added two chapters, in Boston and New York. Each chapter, made up of volunteers committed to the 2020 mission, was charged with organizing an event. But three events could hardly be described as a national effort. In the end New Orleans held one, Boston held two and New York, the city that never sleeps, held four. Then there were seven.
We talked to everyone we knew: 2020 sponsors, affiliates, our board of leaders, colleges and universities and colleagues in like-minded organizations. We worked with Women on Line to help with our social media strategy and with YPO/WIN's event consultant, Kelly Kelly to help us with outreach. Breanna Bakke our Assistant Director became a whiz at EventBrite. Our friends at ION, Catalyst, the 30% Coalition and 85 Broads helped.
In July we had 15 events on the calendar. By the September there were 20. We signed on our 27th event last week, at the Leeds School of Business, University of Boulder. And on 12/12/12 we learned that Dassault Systemes, in Waltham, MA was holding an event for their women employees. Now there were 28.
So what did 12/12/12 look like? Over 1400 people attended 28 events in 23 cities in 14 states. We tweeted all day long, starting early in the morning on the east coast and going until late at night when the last event ended in San Francisco. It was a perfect day made more special by old and new friends who thought big and worked hard to make it happen. Thanks to all who attended and to our amazing organizers. Together, we made it happen.
By the way, what are you doing on 11/12/13?
#1212WOB: A sampling
Boston: @Simmons If your company doesn't have women on its board, you're missing something - Joanna Lau #1212WOB @2020WOB
New York: @jkhoey: What are you doing to bring up another woman? Person of color? Great challenge from Vikki Pryor #1212WOB
Denver: @leadfearlessly Companies w/female directors & officers send a clear message that they value diversity & experience #WEDC_WOB #1212WOB
Florida: Let's beat the goal of 20% of boards being comprised of women! #wecandoit #1212wel #1212wob @2020wob
Boise: Let's get boards to be made up of 20% women by 2020 #1212WOB
Louisville: Full house of 180 attendees for the Louisville, ky 12/12/12 luncheon to raise awareness gender diversity #1212wob
Denver: @KimCurtisLegacy: The national percentage of women on boards is 16% and Colorado is at 7%. The only way to go is up! #1212wob
San Francisco: @wtrmrk: Major kudos to @2020WOB for spearheading the social media initiative to get more women on boards #1212wob #changetheratio #BoardAccess
Los Angeles: @fayfeeney: A quick check of proxy pay on director comp from #1212WOB LA panelists range $150-250K - nice work if you can get it! #corpgov