2020 Women on Boards conducts research studies about the gender composition of the boards of directors of US companies.

The cornerstone of the 2020 Women on Boards campaign is the 2020 Gender Diversity Directory, a database of public and private companies that we categorize based on the gender composition of their boards.

A subset of the 2020 Directory is the 2020 Gender Diversity Index (GDI) which is based on the 2010 Fortune 1000 list of companies. We track this group of companies from year to year, measuring the percentage of board seats held by women. Utilizing the same list from year to year allows us to more accurately measure progress.

WINNING 20%+ Women
VERY CLOSE 11–19% Women
TOKEN 1 Woman
ZERO 0 Women

The 2020 Women on Boards Honor Roll Companies for 2015 include 201 companies that have been on the Winning "W" Company list for five consecutive years, 2011 - 2015.
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