2020 Gender Diversity Index

2015 Key Findings

More Women on Boards: Of the 842 active companies, women hold 18.8% of board seats, an increase from 17.7% in 2014. The percentage of board seats held by women in 2011, the first year of reporting, was 14.6%.

Women Gain 75 Board Seats: Women gained 75 board seats in 2015, compared to 52 board seats in those companies in 2014. This is the net of companies losing a female board member.

The Number of Winning “W” Companies is Up: Forty-five percent of all companies now have 20% or greater women on their board. In other good news, the Zero “Z” Companies have declined to 9%.

Percentage of Women on Boards Increases in All Sectors: Companies in five sectors now have over 20% female board members: Consumer Defensive, Financial Services, Health Care, Real Estate and Utilities.

Companies Lacking Gender Diversity Drop Off Index: Over 55% of the companies that became inactive in this year’s Index were in the Token “T” Company or Zero “Z” Company categories. Of the 29 newly inactive companies, seven are Zero "Z" Companies and nine are Token "T" Companies. While we cannot speak to causality, there is clearly a correlation between fewer women directors and failure to maintain a presence on the Index.