Buckeye Technologies, Inc.

Buckeye Technologies’ commitment to diversity is critical to our success.  We are focused on delivering products and services of superior quality and value to satisfy the needs and expectations of a diverse group of customers.  Diversity is an important factor helping Buckeye understand world markets, with 70% of our sales outside the United States while producing 85% of our products in the United States.  We are diverse in many ways and bring different skills and perspectives to the workplace. These differences are our strength!  We value our employees and our diversity as a source of competitive advantage.
Our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee considers many things in its evaluation of potential members of our Board of Directors – independence, character, ability to exercise sound judgment, diversity of age, gender and ethnic background and professional experience.  Our Board believes that diversity is important, as experience has taught us that various points of views contribute to a more open and effective decision-making process.
We are fortunate to have two highly skilled women on our Board of Directors.  Each brings a special perspective to the boardroom that has made us a better team.  For the past three years, Buckeye has been recognized by CABLE, a state established network of diverse professionals committed to connecting women with opportunity, for our commitment to having women directors.  We are proud to be one of only ten Tennessee-based public companies that achieved that recognition in 2012 by having two or more women directors.


Buckeye, a leading manufacturer and marketer of specialty fibers and nonwoven materials, is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.  The Company currently operates facilities in the United States, Germany and Canada.  Its products are sold worldwide to makers of consumer and industrial goods.