Calvert Investments

Calvert Investments is a proud supporter of 2020 Women on Boards and pleased to be recognized as a “W” company. Women make up 60% of the Calvert Investments, Inc.’s Board of Directors.

Calvert is an investment management company that offers mutual funds and separate accounts to institutional investors, retirement plans, financial intermediaries, and their clients. By combining rigorous analysis with independent thinking, our disciplined approach to money management goes beyond traditional factors in order to manage risk and to identify investment opportunities with greater long-term potential.

Recognizing that many companies limit searches for director nominees to the pool of senior corporate executives and that women and minorities make up only a small percentage of those positions, Calvert Investments has been active in encouraging companies to change their director selection process.  Calvert Investments saw an unprecedented opportunity to increase the presence of women and minorities on corporate boards with the increased need for independent directors that came with the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002. Accordingly, Calvert Investments introduced a model nominating committee charter for corporate boards that would ensure the proper representation of diverse candidates among the pool from which board nominees are chosen.

Board diversity is one of the sustainability factors that Calvert Investments evaluates when researching new investment opportunities.  Calvert Investments also seeks to actively promote diversity on the boards of the companies held in its mutual fund portfolios by voting against every slate of directors that lacks racial and/or gender diversity.  In addition, Calvert Investments directly engages companies on this important topic by writing to, and meeting with, company executives and by filing shareholder proposals that seek to add diversity to corporate boards.  Since 2002, Calvert Investments has sent letters to hundreds of companies and filed shareholder proposals with over 60 companies that lack any diversity asking them to amend their director nominee selection policies and to include women and minorities as part of every slate of director nominees. 

To Calvert Investments, leading companies with respect to board diversity include those that (i) specifically mention diversity of race and gender in their director selection criteria, (ii) consider candidates from non-traditional areas, and (iii) ensure that every time a slate of director nominees is presented to shareholders for a vote, qualified women and minority candidates were included as part of the nominee pool.


An investment management company serving institutional investors, workplace retirement plans, financial intermediaries and their clients, Calvert Investments offers more than 40 equity, bond, cash, and asset allocation strategies, of which many feature integrated environmental, social, and governance research. By combining rigorous analysis with independent thinking, our disciplined approach to money management goes beyond traditional factors in order to discover investment opportunities with greater long-term potential. Founded in 1976 and based in Bethesda, Maryland, Calvert Investments manages over $12 billion in assets.