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Hold the Date: 12/12/12

The buzz is building. We'll be holding our first national conversation on diversity in the boardroom on December 12, 2012 at noon. Events will be held in restaurants, ballrooms, college campuses, office lunchrooms and kitchen tables across the US, engaging thousands of people in a united call for action to put more women on US company boards.
We already have 20 events are planned: in Boston, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco, organized by 2020 Steering Committees, Affiliates and supporters. New events are being added every week. Check the 12/12/12 section of the website for updates.
Anyone can hold a 12/12/12 event - they can be large forums for a hundred or more people, or intimate gatherings around your kitchen table. The structure is up to the organizer, but each event will have some common elements: our new 2020 Video which will make its debut at our 12/12/12 events nationwide and a brief presentation of our latest 2020 Index, which will be released later this month. At each event there will be a designated Tweeter, so we will have consistent tweeting throughout the day, as the events move from the East, to the Mid-West and to the West.
If you're interested in hosting a 12/12/12 event download our Organizer's Toolkit on our website. The tool kit will walk you through the basics of organizing your event, choosing a venue, engaging sponsors, and promoting the event on social media.
Don't want to organize one, but want to attend? Look for the list of events on our website.

Introducing the 2020 Gender Diversity Directory

Fulfilling our campaign promise to provide greater transparency to the composition of public company boards of directors, on our website you will find much-awaited Gender Diversity Directory.

The directory includes over 1,000 companies and categorizes them using the 2020 Campaign’s designations: Winning "W" (20% women or greater), Very Close "V" (11 - 19%), Token "T" (one woman), or Zero "Z"(no women). The database can be sorted in a variety of ways - alphabetically, by designation, geography, market sector, or number of women directors.

The 2020 directory includes companies on the 2020 Gender Diversity Index (based on the 2010 Fortune 1000) and other private and public companies, disclosed by campaign supporters and its Affiliate organizations. The directory will be reviewed once a year and updated when we become aware of changes.

This summer, we notified companies that they would be included in the directory: W companies received congratulatory certificates, Z companies were encouraged to take the 2020 Pledge: Put a woman on the board within 2 years and achieve 20% by 2020.

A number of W companies thanked us for the recognition, and some used our web badge on their websites. We are now looking for companies to take the Pledge.

Over 1,000 directors on Fortune 1000 company boards are over 70 and facing retirement. Companies will soon be looking to replace this generation of directors with people who are younger and better reflect the 21 Century marketplace., with more emphasis on who you are less on who you know. Qualified women have the skills required for today’s boards of directors.

Congrats to 304 Winning "W" Companies

Last week we mailed out 304 congratulatory certificates to CEOs of winning "W" companies - public and private companies whose boards are comprised of 20% or more women. We want these senior executives to know that the public applauds their board diversity policies and pays attention to the issue.  We also emailed the PR and IR executives at the companies to apprise them of the honor. The names of the companies can be found on in our "W" company database.

The 2020 database is the cornerstone of our campaign. The database includes companies on the Fortune 500; ION's 2011 report of companies in 14 U.S. regions; and private and other companies that self-report. In September we will have concluded our research on the 2010 Fortune 1000, which will be our benchmark for the duration of 2020 Women on Boards campaign. Look for the launch of the 2020 Index this fall.

Why are we doing this?  Peter Drucker said, "What gets measured gets changed." When it comes to board diversity, he was only half right. Lots of organizations have measured the number of women who serve on the boards of public companies, but the number has been stuck at 11% for years, according to ION. The 2020 Women on Boards campaign takes the initiative a step further. Through our grassroots efforts we are contacting these companies and letting them know that people care about board diversity. This outreach is especially important as we begin to track the zero "Z" companies that may change their policies because of public pressure. We'll be publishing that list in January 2012.

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