Form a 2020 Campaign Committee

2020 Campaign Committees help 2020 Women on Boards engage supporters and work to increase the number of women who serve as directors in local companies.

Campaign Committees can be managed by groups of individuals, or by an organization aligned with the 2020 mission such as student groups, university alumnae associations, membership organizations or professional associations. Our goal is to launch 2020 Campaign Committees in major cities across the United States.

Campaign Committee Requirements:

Form a committee: People of influence who manage activities.

Hold one event each year: Be part of the annual National Conversation on Board Diversity.

Participate in Plus 1 Campaign: Engage women directors on T company boards to encourage nominating committees to add women and move the companies to V or W status.

Recruit and engage local supporters, affiliates and corporate partners: Identify individuals, non-profits and companies to support the campaign in name or financially.

Fundraise: Help us raise the funds needed to support research, education and advocacy initiatives.

Report to 2020 National: Be part of the 2020 movement!

Suggested Activities (not required):

  • Hold additional events to keep people engaged and the issue alive, for example a Corporate Salute that recognizes the W companies in your area.
  • Idenfity local companies for the 2020 Gender Diversity Database.
  • Turn W Companies into 2020 Corporate Partners.
  • Identify CEOs, board chairs or directors to join the 2020 Board of Leaders.
  • Maintain the 2020 Campaign Committee webpage.
  • Speak about the issue and the campaign to business groups and college students and encourage them to form 2020 Teams.
  • Affiliate with a university to provide additional research on local board diversity.
  • Manage local media relations.


For more information on forming a 2020 Women on Boards Campaign Committee contact us!