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@Twitter. Put a woman on your board. Do it now.

Don't they learn? What's with these venture-backed technology companies? Twitter just filed for an IPO with an all-male board of directors.  Even in the male dominated technology sector, companies are adding women to their boards.
In "Mining the Metrics" a study by Thompson Reuters (2013) of 4100 global companies, technology, industrials and non-cyclical consumer companies led in the gender diversity of their boards. In our own research of Fortune 1000 companies every sector, including technology, has added women to the boardroom.
So what's with Twitter and their underwriters, Goldman, Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank Securities? Don't they read the reports that show that companies with women on their boards outperform companies without women?
Twitter, you may think you're worth a billion dollars, but you're a Zero "Z" Company to us.
Tell Twitter to put a woman on its board: @Twitter. Put a woman on your board. Do it now. #CorpGov @2020WOB

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