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Louisiana, where are your women directors?

We were recently in New Orleans, attending a luncheon for women executives, including some from the Louisiana Women's Forum. There was a great exchange about board diversity, a lot of enthusiasm about the 2020 campaign, and concern about the stats.

Here's what we learned about Louisiana's 20 largest public companies: None of them are "W" companies - not one company on the list had 20% of its directors women. In fact, women comprise just 7.6% of the board seats in these companies, 15 women out of 197 directors. By comparison, companies in the Fortune 1000 average about 11%.

Other Top 20 LA stats: Almost half the companies on the list of 20 have no women directors (Z Companies), 7 have 1 woman director (T Companies) and 4 are very close to the 20% benchmark (V Companies).

The 27 women who attended the lunch were enthusiastic about forming a Louisiana 2020 Women on Boards chapter and plan to meet again as a group in March to strategize how to spread the word and engage Louisiana companies about adding more women.  Many of the women who attended the lunch were qualified to sit on boards. We hope to report progress in Louisiana soon.

Want to start a 2020 Women on Boards chapter? Know of a 20% company not in our W database? Email us! We'd love to hear from you.

New Orleans Luncheon - January 14, 2011

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