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Asking tough questions...

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting the next generation of corporate directors at the 85 Broads/Bentley University Chapter event: "The Importance of Empowering Women." We were in good company. We shared the podium with Dress for Success, the non-profit that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women, and Deloitte's Women's Initiative. It was great to be in the company of so many young, talented women.

It was the first time we formally presented the 2020 campaign to a college audience. The campaign was enthusiastically received - but the conversation that followed the presentation was especially noteworthy.

We typically ask young adults entering the workforce to look at a company's leadership composition prior to going on an interview. If the company has women directors and executive officers it's an indication that the company has women-friendly policies and clear paths for success.

The young women in the room wanted to know how to ask a company about career paths for women in companies that don't have women in senior positions.  Here's what we suggest:

"I notice that there are few women in leadership positions at this company. I'm very interested in working here - can you please identify advancement opportunities that will allow me to move my career forward? "

How would you ask the question?

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