zero women

Notice to the Z Companies - You're on the List.

Part of the 2020 Women on Boards strategy is to educate corporate stakeholders about why board diversity – and gender diversity in particular – is important. We’ve been meeting with influencers and speaking at events to get the word out. Reaction to the campaign has been tremendous with the number of supporters growing daily.

In keeping with our campaign strategy, this week we notified 41 companies that they are on the 2020 Zero “Z” list. The full list will be published on our website in January. We’re asking the “Z” companies to take the “2020 Challenge” and announce their intentions of adding women to their boards, with a commitment to reach the 20% benchmark by 2020. 

According to our research in the 2010 Fortune 500 public companies, there are 143 “W” companies, 126 Very Close or “V” companies,  150 Token or “T” companies and 41 “Z” companies.  

In the 13 Fortune 500 companies in Massachusetts, where we’re based, only 10 women are needed for all the companies to get to 20%.  For the 52 Fortune 500 companies in New York all they need is about 50 women. To the question about whether there are enough qualified women to serve, we know we can come up with the names of 60 women in Boston and New York. These companies could also look nationally and internationally.

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