Editorial Policy

At 2020wob, our commitment to quality content and journalistic integrity is paramount. Our editorial policy ensures that the information we publish is not only inspiring but also rigorously researched, well-balanced, and aimed at promoting awareness and education about women in business.

Our Editorial Standards

Accuracy and Fact-Checking

Every piece of content that we publish undergoes a thorough fact-checking process to ensure accuracy. Our writers and editors diligently verify facts, statistics, and data before publication to uphold the highest standard of reliability and trustworthiness.

Independence and Impartiality

We maintain editorial independence to ensure that our content is free from external influence, particularly regarding our choices on the women we feature and the stories we tell. Although we celebrate success, we remain objective and present a balanced view.


When we make errors, we are committed to correcting them transparently and promptly. Corrections will be noted in the content and, where necessary, an editor’s note will be added to explain changes affecting the understanding of the story.


Our content reflects the diversity of the business world. We strive to cover stories from a wide array of sectors and geographies, ensuring a range of voices and perspectives are represented.


We source our information from reputable organizations, industry reports, direct interviews, and other highly credible sources. We always strive for primary sources and, where not possible, corroborate information through multiple reports.

Content Creation Process


In-depth research is the foundation of every article. Our writers are tasked with gathering comprehensive background information from credible sources.


Content is written with attention to detail, adherence to journalistic ethics, and a commitment to providing valuable insights into the business achievements of women.


Editors review articles for adherence to our editorial standards, including checks for accuracy, readability, fairness, and diversity.


Articles are approved for publication only when they meet all our editorial standards and align with our mission to inspire and educate our audience.

Review and Revisions

This Editorial Policy is reviewed annually by our editorial board to ensure it remains current and comprehensive. Any amendments to this policy will be made public and will reflect evolving standards and practices in content creation and distribution.