Mathilda Strom – What Is The Net Worth Of BIMA’s Deputy CEO In 2024?

Mathilda Strom wealth

Mathilda Strom serves as the Co-Founder, Deputy CEO, and Director for Africa & Pakistan at BIMA. Under her leadership, BIMA, a London-based company that provides insurance and healthcare through a proprietary app, focuses on making these essential services accessible in developing markets. This initiative is pivotal in safeguarding families against health and financial risks globally.

How rich is Mathilda Strom

To estimate Mathilda Strom’s net worth, I considered her role and equity stake at BIMA, a company significantly impactful in the insurance and healthcare sectors via mobile technology, especially in developing markets.

Given BIMA’s successful fundraising of over £87 million through six rounds, involving major investors such as Allianz and Kinnevik, the company’s valuation is likely substantial.

Assuming Strom has a meaningful equity share, reflective of her position as Co-Founder and Deputy CEO, her net worth would be proportionate to this valuation, leading to an estimated range of $5 million to $20 million. Feel free to check our list of the richest women on the planet.

Mathilda Strom earnings

This estimation also takes into account the general compensation trends and equity stakes typical for C-level executives in similar-sized tech startups.

Given BIMA’s significant impact and backing by major investors like Allianz and Kinnevik, alongside over £87m raised through six rounds of fundraising, Strom’s net worth is reflective of her strategic position and the company’s financial trajectories. Her net worth is estimated to be substantial, lying in the multimillion-dollar range.

Professional Background

Before BIMA, Strom honed her skills at Value Partners, specializing in media and telecom project management, which laid the groundwork for her current role.

Her academic foundation in International Management from Manchester Business School further complements her professional expertise, particularly in handling BIMA’s expansive projects across diverse markets.

  1. Early Career: At Value Partners, Strom worked on various projects that involved strategy development and operational improvements for media and telecom companies. Her ability to drive results in these high-stakes environments showcased her leadership potential and strategic thinking.
  2. Academic Foundation: Strom holds a degree in International Management from Manchester Business School, a background that complements her professional expertise. This education provided her with a strong foundation in business principles, international market dynamics, and management strategies, all of which are crucial in handling BIMA’s expansive projects across diverse markets.

BIMA’s Impact and Growth

Under Mathilda Strom’s leadership, BIMA has made significant strides in making insurance and healthcare accessible to underserved populations. The company’s innovative approach leverages mobile technology to reach customers who were previously excluded from these essential services.

  1. Market Expansion: BIMA operates in multiple developing markets, including countries in Africa and Pakistan. This expansion has been strategic, targeting regions with high demand for affordable and accessible healthcare and insurance solutions. The company now serves over 30 million customers across its markets.
  2. Innovative Solutions: BIMA’s proprietary app enables users to access insurance and healthcare services directly from their mobile phones. This approach not only increases accessibility but also enhances user experience by providing convenient and straightforward access to critical services.
  3. Funding and Growth: BIMA’s ability to attract significant funding from reputable investors like Allianz and Kinnevik underscores the company’s potential and the confidence investors have in its business model. The £87 million raised has been instrumental in scaling operations and expanding its service offerings.