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Guan Dian’s Net Worth -2024

Guan Dian’s Net Worth -2024

Guan Dian: Insight into the 2024 Net Worth and Professional Influence

Guan Dian’s position as a formidable entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector is mirrored in her substantial net worth.

Dian’s leadership in promoting sustainable energy solutions has not only accelerated her company’s growth but also multiplied her financial reserves.

Guan Dian wealth 2024

Name Industry Estimated Net Worth
Guan Dian Renewable Energy $15 million – $45 million

Professional Background

Patsnap is an AI-driven organization co-founded by Guan Dian, who also serves as the Asia Pacific Senior Vice President. The company specializes in providing subscribers with access to intellectual property patents for the purpose of trend analysis and driving innovation.

Guan Dian has leveraged her background as an analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston and a software engineer at MooWee to optimize the software and facilitate its journey to the market.

Patsnap utilizes machine learning techniques to sift through extensive datasets, delivering users with the specific information they require. This could include patent expiry dates, licensing details, renewal information, or litigation data.

Guan Dian earnings

With a customer base of over 10,000 clients spread across more than 40 countries, Patsnap boasts an impressive portfolio of customers, including renowned organizations like NASA, IBM, Ferrari, and Starbucks.

The company has attracted investments from prominent entities such as CITIC Capital, Qualgro VC, Sequoia Capital, Shunwei, Softbank Vision Fund, Summit Partners, Tencent, and Vertex Growth. Since its establishment in 2007, Patsnap has successfully raised over £251 million through four fundraising rounds.

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